Op Swapper

Op Swapper

The Op Swapper allows sharing of a single antenna/amplifier between two transceivers, making it perfect for Multi-Single, Multi-2, or Multi-Multi in-band operations. It is rated for 200W continuous duty, and has built-in transmit inhibit for Elecraft K3 and most Yaesu transceivers.
Band Aide Band Decoder

Band Decoder

Attaches to your radio (or computer), decodes the band data, and provides automatic selection of band specific devices, such as antennas and filters. Responds instantly to your QSY, properly selecting the right antenna, or even the right amplifier.
Six Way Antenna Relay Box

Six Way Antenna Relay

Designed to connect one input to any one of six outputs. It is useful for antenna selection, filter or stub selection and stack switching. It may be driven directly by a Band Decoder or any selector scheme which grounds one or more of the control lines.
A/B Station Selector

A/B Station Selector

Designed to provide a means to automatically switch an antenna between two radios in a two station environment. Adds flexibility to a Single-Op/Two-Radio, Multi-Single, or Multi-Two station — any antenna not in use is instantly available to either rig.
Band Reject Coaxial Stubs

Band Reject Coaxial Stubs

Band reject coaxial stubs will reduce transmitted harmonics from the final amplifier and reduce fundamental pickup as well. This translates to fewer complaints from the multi-op operators, higher contest scores, and reduced risk of receiver front end damage.


Top Ten Devices was formed in 1991 by N3RD and W2VJN. For nearly 30 years, TTD has supplied band decoders, antenna relays, SO2R controllers, coaxial stub filters, and devices to allow two radios to share a single amp or antenna, along the way earning a well-deserved reputation for affordable gear with excellent performance, along with outstanding customer support.

We are ready to hand the TTD reins off to a new person or team who can leverage an existing product line and a solid customer base with new technology and new products.

If interested, please let us know by clicking on Contact Us at the top of the home page.

73 – Dave and George