Band Aide Band Decoder

The Band Aide Band Decoder is currently out of stock and unavailable.

The Top Ten Devices Band Aide is an accessory that attaches to your radio (or computer), decodes the band data provided by the radio, and provides automatic selection of band specific devices, such as antennas and filters.  The decoder responds instantly to your QSY, properly selecting the right antenna, or even the right amplifier.  Here are some of its features:

  • Supported Radios:

Yaesu*, Icom*, and Elecraft K3.  Other radios are supported by attaching the decoder to the computer’s LPT port.

*Check your radio’s manual to determine whether your model provides band data to external devices.

  • Bands Decoded:

Yaesu:    160  through 10, including WARC
Icom:      160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17/15, 12/10m
K3:         160  through 6, including WARC and 60m
LPT:       Logging software dependent

  • Manual Override:

Although intended to be left in Automatic most of the time, the unit is provided with a rotary selector switch, allowing manual selection of each of the 11 amateur bands.

  • No Microprocessors:

The Band Aide is designed to do its job well, and requires no software programming/configuration.  There are no USB ports, and no software drivers required, resulting in consistent performance from initial set up.

  • Hi RFI Immunity:

12Vdc CMOS logic provides high immunity to RFI.

  • High Current Outputs:

Two sets of eleven relay outputs, each rated at 3A.  Each of the two sets can be configured for either sink or 12Vdc source operation, providing flexibility to control virtually any station switching device.

Two sets of five relay outputs activated by the front panel rotary switch, providing selection of up to five different antennas or devices on each band when in Automatic mode.

  • Contest Pairing:

Two decoders can be joined with a cable to provide a positive lockout preventing two signals being transmitted at the same time.

Interconnecting Cables for Automatic Band Decoders

Top Ten can provide the following cables:

  • Band Aide to Yaesu transceiver (radio end has an 8-Pin “262 Version” DIN plug that mates to the FT-1000/2000/3000/5000/9000 series and other models)
  • Band Aide to Icom transceiver (radio end has a standard 8-Pin DIN plug)
  • Band Aide to Elecraft K3 transceiver

Automatic Band Decoder and Cable Pricing

Band Aide Band Decoder……………………$195 + s/h 

Radio Interface Cables:

Yaesu or Icom or Elecraft K3 Radio………….$30 + s/h