Op Swapper

The Op Swapper is out of stock and currently unavailable.

The Top Ten Devices Op Swapper is an accessory that allows sharing of a feedline, antenna, or amplifier between two radios.  The outputs of the two radios to the A and B connectors, and the antenna/amplifier connects to the COM connector.

The OS also connects to the transceiver’s “Ground on TX” connector and to its “Transmit Inhibit” line.  A positive interlock prevents both transceivers from being connected in parallel, and in addition, the TX Inhibit feature prevents the non-transmitting radio from producing RF, providing another layer of protection.

Here are some of its features:

Positive Lockout – The OS uses electrically interlocked relay contacts that prevent two transmitters from being active at the same time.

Ultra High Isolation – Typical isolation to the non-transmitting radio vs frequency:

Frequency (MHz) Isolation (dB)
1.8 to 7 100
14 95
21 85
28 80

A typical plot of port isolation vs. frequency is shown here.

Transceiver Inhibit – The non-transmitting radio is held in an inhibited state to prevent inadvertent transmitting into an open circuit.  The inherent circuitry works directly with Yaesu and Elecraft K3/K3S radios.  This functionality can be implemented for any radio pair by use of external relays.

High Power Rating – Rated at 200 Watts, allowing use with virtually all currently available transceivers.

Switched Outputs – Two 12Vdc, 1A switched outputs provide an easy way to control external circuitry such as LEDs or control relays.

LED Indicators – Two LEDs are provided on the front panel to indicate which radio is transmitting.

Full product details are available here.

Interconnecting Cables for the Op Swapper

Top Ten can provide the following cables for connecting the OS to the radio’s Transmit Inhibit line:

OS to Yaesu transceiver (radio end has an 8-Pin “262 Version” DIN plug that mates to the FT-1000/2000/3000/5000/9000 series and other models)

OS to Elecraft K3 transceiver

Op Swapper and Cable Pricing

Op Swapper………………………………….$199.95 + s/h 

Transmit Inhibit Interface Cables: Yaesu or or Elecraft K3 Radio………….$20 + s/h