Six Way Antenna Relay Box

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The Six Way box is designed to connect one input to any one of six outputs. It is useful for antenna selection, filter or stub selection and stack switching. It may be driven directly by a Band Decoder or any selector scheme which grounds one or more of the control lines. All unused outputs are grounded.

The Six Way Relay Box uses 12 Vdc relays mounted on a stripline printed circuit board which, combined with short leads to the SO-239 connectors, provides excellent RF performance. One of our customers, Peter, VE3PN, measured the performance of a Six Way Relay Box that he purchased, and provided the following plots of isolation and insertion loss versus frequency. This independent test verifies the ratings given below. The files are in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format, and are about 200K each. Double click on the title to download the file.

Six Way Isolation vs Frequency

Six Way Insertion Loss vs Frequency

Specifications of the relay unit are:

Power: 1500 Watts CW/SSB, 1000 Watts RTTY to 30 MHz
VSWR: <1.2 @ 30 MHz
Load VSWR: <1.5 @ 30 MHz
Loss: <0.07 dB @ 30 MHz
Isolation: > 40 dB to unselected port @ 30 MHz
Operating voltage: +13.8 Vdc
Current drain: 45 mA per relay

Six Way Antenna Relay Box PricingThe Six Way is primarily intended for indoor use, or outdoors in a dripproof enclosure.

Six Way Antenna Relay Box…………………….$120 + s/h